Brief TIMELINE of Our Laboratory

09/2019 Yuanyuan joined the lab as a postdoc.
04/2019 Sue officially joined the lab.
04/2019 Kyle received an NSF fellowship.
12/2018 Our first paper on the Sec complex (by Sam) was published in Science.
11/2018 Sue started her rotation in the lab.
09/2018 Eunyong received Vallee Scholars Award.
04/2018  Sam and Kyle officially joined the lab.
02/2018 Graduate students Sam and Kyle started their rotation in the lab.
01/2018 The Park lab opened.


Group photo (September 2019)

Position Inquiry

We are currently looking for highly motivated postdoctoral scholars who are interested in biochemistry and structural biology of membrane transport proteins. While not required, prior training in protein purification, protein biochemistry, or structural determination is desirable. Interested applicants should submit CV and cover letter to eunyong_park(at)

For graduate students: if you are interested in rotation, please, contact Professor Eunyong Park to set up a meeting.


Our lab is located in Stanley Hall at University of California, Berkeley.


Mailing Address:

Eunyong Park Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley
Stanley Hall, Rm 460
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel) 510-664-5170